Brazil parking prank webHave you ever searched for an accessible parking spot only to find a vehicle illegally parked there? If so, then this Brazilian video of illegally parked cars getting the ultimate prank should bring a smile to your day.

Disclaimer: This absolutely falls into the “This would cool to do but DO NOT DO THIS!!!” category.

In the video a man named Tiago Fonseca says in Portuguese, “Today we will teach a lesson to those people who think they are smart and illegally park in accessible spots. Since they do not have placards on their cars we’re gonna do them a favor and provide some ID. But in a different way.” Fonseca smiles, holds up a can of water-soluble spray paint and gives it a few bursts.

The camera follows Fonseca as he goes to various cars parked illegally in accessible spots and give them a “tag” in the form of a large accessible parking symbol spray painted across the hood and or trun