FantomWorks, a TV show on Velocity dedicated to restoring and modifying custom classic cars, has outdone themselves. No muscle car had ever been made powerchair accessible before, until FantomWorks.

They’ve partnered with the Wounded Wheels Project to create a completely powerchair accessible SS Chevy Chevelle, and it’s guaranteed to make you drool.

For a car that was built to be low the ground and crazy fast, making the Chevelle wheelchair accessible took an amazing amount of sweat and upwards of near $100,000 they have no intention of ever seeing again, but the results are absolutely stunning.

This awesome accessible Chevelle is intended to be driven by both paraplegic and quadriplegic veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq, and Wounded Wheels plans on bringing it to Wounded Warrior events around the country to give these vets a chance to drive it, and to do something they haven’t done since their injury.

To make the Chevelle accessible, a power reverse opening third door had to be installed in order to fit both the ramp and the width of the powerchair, and this was by far the most difficult part. The mechanic struggled trying to get as much room as possible, and this door was key.

There’s also a custom articulating ramp, hand-controls that use an old cable based control system to save on costs, a lowered floor and my favorite part – a genius motorized sliding table that guides the wheelchair into position once you enter. I sure wish my van had this some days — positioning a powerchair in a vehicle can be tricky.

The whole thing comes together perfectly, but just by a hair. You could call the accessible Chevelle a custom-custom job; and only experts could pull such a job off. It’s great to see, and let’s keep hoping more and more retro vehicles keep being made accessible. For a taste, check out this Youtube video:

If you don’t have Velocity and would like to watch this episode from the build to the big reveal check out this clip.

What dream car would you love to see be made accessible?

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