IMGL6216-555-200x300We’ve profiled wheelchair-using comedians before — Megan Gallagher, Zach Anner and the adorable Amy Bruener to name a few — and now we can add Swedish comic Jesper Odelberg to our list.

Odelberg hasn’t yet made his big debut in the United States. We’re not quite sure if that’s what he even wants international notoriety, but it’s bound to happen considering all of the television appearances he’s made. Odelberg, born in 1970, made his first big breakthrough appearance on TV in 1997 on the stand-up comedy show, “Slang Dig i Brunnen.”

What he did in that appearance, as well as all of the other appearances he’s done on TV since then, is not hold back when it comes to self-deprecating jokes. He is the master of one-liners