KickStarterPicV3Bill Price is an inventor, entrepreneur, adaptive skier and quadriplegic with limited hand function. This combination is a perfect driving force that led Price to come up with a super cool invention that enables adaptive mono-skiers and bi-skiers with limited or no hand function to use outriggers —adaptive ski poles that consist of a Canadian crutch with a small ski at the end.

Currently, skiers with limited hand function have to use a makeshift solution of duct tape to keep their hands on the outrigger.

Price and his dad spent 15 years designing and refining an adaptation for limited hand function. Called the GHO Solution — for Glove Harness Outer-shell — the system consists of a glove that goes over the skier’s hand and forearm, with a tube inside the glove. The tube slides onto the peg of the outrigger, Velcro straps secure the glove to the outrigger, and an outer shell covers the glove to keep things warm and dry.

“The system looks cool — I’ll definitely check it out when it is available,” says Topher Downha