Bob VogelQ. I’m a T3 para, just now back in my chair after spending many months in bed healing a small pressure sore that was right over my left ischium (butt bone). I managed to heal it on my own, but the toughest part of the healing process was having to constantly change the dressing because the sore kept draining and soaking through.

A friend of mine, also a wheeler, gave me a lot of grief for not going to see a wound care specialist. He also said a wound care specialist would probably have prescribed a wound vac, which would have enabled me to heal much faster.

What is a wound vac and how does it work? Does Medicare cover it? And if it is used on a pressure sore on your butt, can you still get up in your chair? Even though I stayed in bed while healing, I still needed to get up for the bathroom and meals.
— Dan

A. Dan, I’m glad your pressure sore is healed. However, your friend is right on both counts. Cherisse Tebben, family nurse practitioner and certified wound care nurse at Craig Hospital, says that any time you see the beginnings of a pressure sore, it is important to visit your doctor and ask for a referral to see a wound care specialist. The same hold