jordMakeup, fashion, fake tans and being all-around fabulous is the M.O. of 23-year-old beauty blogger Jordan Bone, paralyzed in 2005 in a car accident. Her whole life changed when she accepted a ride from a boy she barely knew, who crashed his car with her still in it. The thing about Jordan, however, is that she refused to let it diminish her love of all things beauty-related.

Her beauty blog, JordansBeautifulLife, is an enchanting expose of her encounters with staying beautiful. It’s your typical beauty blog — tips on makeup application, her favorite products, why she likes to self-tan (her obsession, and she looks good!) — but it’s in the voice of a C6 quadriplegic. As a C6 quadriplegic as well, I absolutely love her. All her posts hail from the UK, where she resides, and they have a fun, British flair.

Her blog is relatively new (entries only go back to August 2013), so let’s hope she sticks around for awhile because the posts have been absolutely awesome so far. Pictures of her night out at a charity gala for the Ropprai SCI Trust in London is one of my favorite posts (and she’s right, her boyfriend is cute), as well as the post she did about an outfit she wore, which included awesome makeup, a teal Michael Kors watch and a gorgeous YSL bag. Jordan and Posh Spice could be BFFs!

Even better than her word posts are her video posts, which she shares on her rockin’ YouTube channel, simply titled Jordan Bone. One of the most popular, The Fashion Industry and Disabled Models, is an awesome 10-minute rant about the ridiculousness of the fashion industry (love it). It has had over 55,000 views.

I also love her videos on healthy living — meditation, smoothie reviews and improving self-confidence. But by far, her hair,  makeup and beauty products videos are where she stands out. Jordan hopes to inspire and encourage others who view these videos that they can still be beautiful and have a disability.

She’s also a spokesperson for Fixers, a charity in the UK that sends out PSAs on all sorts of things. She’s made a video with them that reenacts her injury story and how she’s been able to move on, called Amazing Not Invincible. Watch

Jordan Bone is a much-needed voice in the disability blogging scene. I’m so glad she’s regularly adding to her blog and sharing with the world her unique perspective of beauty. Keep the posts coming, Jordan. Can’t wait to see what I learn from you next.

What beauty products do you absolutely love?

Visit her site: Jordan’s Beautiful Life