Disney1013Disney Parks and Resorts will no longer allow patrons with disabilities to jump to the front of its amusement park attraction lines, starting October 9. The policy change is in response to recent abuses by a few people with disabilities who would take payment from nondisabled patrons and act as “guides” for those wanting to jump to the front of the line. Instead, Disneyland is instituting a new program where patrons with disabilities will be given a reservation equaling the average wait time for a ride.

“The abuse of the system is rampant, and the disabled access lines are often longer than the regular ones,” says Lauren Wilcox, a Disneyland regular, through New Mobility’s Facebook page. “Change is needed, and I think it will be better than it is now. However, what really gets me about all this media blitz is how we are portrayed as whiny line-jumpers. I would gladl