No More Nice Girl
The July 2013 cautionary tale regarding health care/hospitals

[“Equal Health Care: If Not Now, When?”] rocked my bones. Where else can you feel safe but in the hospital? Yeah, right. Why not find out about SCI, PPS, etc. and how to treat it if you have a medical degree? Why install an accessible bathroom and not take a few minutes to show staff how things work? The list is too long to elaborate. That’s all I’m able to comment on; the rest of your story makes me too angry.

But I’m so happy you’re pissed off enough to shame some of these health care “professionals.” That’s the only way things can work for us nowadays, if we growl. I’m 66 and done being nice. I used to dread the she-has-a-chip-on-her-shoulder comments, but no more. Who cares what they think? I now attempt to make the ADA work for me.

I used to be afraid of my wrath; now, I’m afraid of not having enough to possibly save my own life sometime.
Brenda Serotte
Davie, Florida

Broken System
Thank you so much for the well-written and most timely article [“Equal Health Care: If Not Now, When?” July 2013]. You give us hope and inspiration for making progress on this hugely important and underreported issue. People are hesitant to criticize health care providers. Many of the individuals are true angels on earth, but the system is badly broken, causing life-threatening problems for countless people with disabilities who are lost in our system.
Beverly and Bryan Gingg
San Luis Obispo, California

Non-access? Investigate
I am a retired physician with a rare neurologic disorder, hereditary spastic paraplegia, which functionally is equivalent to a T8 cord lesion. My paraplegia, progressive over the past 20 years, prevents me from standing or walking, and I use an electric scooter full-time for mobility. However, by special and careful planning I was able to carry on my medical practice, travel around the country serving as an expert witness in court, and take vacations.

Your specific comments about health care facilities [“Equal Health Care: If Not Now, When?”] are most pertinent and