mattgolfWhen Matthew Tilford became a T12 paraplegic, everything he knew how to do was completely different. But instead of sulking, he created, a site dedicated to creating/sharing videos showing how to do everything from a wheelchair.

And some of my favorite videos of his are his recreational ones. He shows basic things like wheelchair transfers and vehicle transfers, but his recreational videos are the ones you’ll ever forget. My current favorite is his wheelchair mini golf video, showing how you can still partake in putt-putt golf.  Of course you need to choose a mini golf course that’s not full of stairs, but if you’re feeling adventurous almost any putt-putt course will work.

In the video he made last month, he shows off his swing at hole #1 and heck yes, he gets a hole in one too. Like he says in the video description – you may need a pop a wheelie once or twice, but most mini golf courses will work as long as you show up in a manual wheelchair. Watch his mini golf video:

Being 20 something and adventuresome, Matthew also likes to go to theme parks to get his adrenaline fix. If you’ve ever been on a Sky Flyer ride, the one where they lay you in a sling, raise you up 150 feet, then chute you downwa