Vermont artist and model Jocelyn Woods is planning to begin production of “Ecstasy of a Cripple Part II,” another collaboration with Atlanta photographer/artist Thomas Dodd. Woods wants to take her erotic art to another level. “Now that we’ve broken through the barrier, I think we’re going to take it a little bit more over the edge,” she says.

Woods, 28, who has a rare neuromuscular disease, says she began seeing her body in new ways last summer while recovering from a severe illness. “Because of my decision to blend life and death and not succumb to the temptation of giving up, I started to really see the body as my work of art,” she says.

The collaboration with Dodd developed after Woods was drawn to his mystical and spiritual themes. She especially appreciates his blending the tradition of master painters with modern digital photographic technology. The erotic element is a central theme of inspiration in her work. Woods says she uses erotic themes because she found her relationship with the mystery of life to be like a love affair. In the process, she has challenged the societal view of people with disabilities being asexual.

Woods is currently operating a crowdfunding campaign to help with production expenses in exchange for perks such as art prints, greeting cards, customized t-shirts, CDs of Jocelyn’s piano music and written poetry.

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