The Best of Disability Blogs and Banter

DIY Politics
If you can’t beat city hall, build a ramp up to it. That’s what paraplegic Samuel Nobile de Oliveira, 41, decided to do after his city, Juína, Brazil, kept dragging its heels. When asked why, Oliveira said he had the day off and was tired of waiting.

After this photo went viral, the town’s mayor, Hermes Bergamim, said this: “I apologize to all disabled by the situations and constraints. We will take appropriate action in the city so this does not happen anymore.”

On a Rant: I Don’t Move For Baby Strollers
I love babies just as much as the next person, but I despise the privileged attitude of folks with baby strollers on public transportation.

Unfortunately, many people with baby strollers who use public transit feel entitled to use the priority seating, not bothering to collapse their strollers. Some even have the nerve to expect a senior or person in a wheelchair to give up their seat to them, giving them baleful looks and muttering under their breath when, of course, they