435202539_295It’s funny. Despite all the inane, possibly “offensive” videos that remain on YouTube, a how-to-have-sex-with-spinal-cord-injury video made by Dr. Mitch Tepper, is getting some static.

YouTube took down “Sexual Positions for Women with Paralysis,” a how-to with Anne, a T-9 paraplegic, and her boyfriend. It shows how they get into some of their favorite positions in bed that are both comfortable and safe (with them both clothed). It’s a 7-minute video, with Dr. Tepper — one of the best sexologists in the world specializing in the sexual health of the disabled — in his chair by the bed narrating. They show some awesome things, including her on top and positioning using a Liberator wedge pillow.

BUT no matter. All of Dr. Tepper’s videos are still on Vimeo video channel, including the male position how-to videos that are just as good (these videos strangely were not pulled by YouTube). In one video, Dr. Tepper shows how he positions himself in bed with his partner using a long body pillow, and how he shows how he uses a Liberator wedge pillow for oral sex.

And the reason Dr. Tepper is so great — he’s disabled himself. A quad since a diving accident in 1982 when he was a lifeguard, Dr. Tepper really cares about the subject of sex. Speeches and articles are great, but video can explain things so much better when it comes to sexual positions. He also covers Tantric sex and talking to your partner openly.

And don’t worry — watching these videos is a PG-13 affair. All of the participants in each video are clothed, and the topics are shown a very straight-forward way. Serious videos, covering serious topics, but done with taste.

These videos need to be shown at rehab centers across the world. Gotta love anything done at this level of realness.

Dr. Tepper’s how-to video on sexual positions for women w/ a SCI

Dr. Tepper’s main Vimeo video channel

Dr. Tepper’s Youtube channel