When it comes to adapted vehicles, there have been some pretty spectacular ones along the way, from trucks with ramps to the love it or hate it, the PT Cruiser, being modified. If there’s a will, and some money, oh you better believe there’s a way.

braun-camo-300x225And that is exactly how this insanely awesome adapted 2013 Ford Explorer became what it is today – a sweet ride for Lance Corporal Mike DeLancey, paralyzed in 2006 when he was hit by a sniper.

This new adapted concept vehicle would never have been possible without funding from HP and Schmidt Hamilton Motorsports, BraunAbility, and support from Wounded Warriors, West Coast Customs and Fox Sports; a lot of big companies all coming together for an awesome cause.

The accessible entry created for the Ford Explorer really is a novel idea. First, it lowers itself on a hydraulic system, similar to what you would see in lowered floor mini-vans, but what makes it different is the “ramp.” There is none really.

Instead the vehicle lowers itself to the ground, then the door opens up kind of like a drawer, with a platform t