Nice to Know My Options
The “Wheeling Beyond Limits “ article was especially helpful

[“Wheeling Beyond Limits: Add-Ons for Your Chair,” May 2013]. I’ve had nothing but problems with the power chair I keep trying to use. It only works about 50 percent of the time, and no-one, including the manufacturer, can figure out what the problems are — hence they can’t fix it. I have some time to go before insurance will help with a new power chair. The alternatives for making manual chairs do more, instead of having to use a power chair, are truly exciting! I had no idea what is out there.

As a 31-year complete para, my hands and shoulders definitely feel the wear and tear. I still prefer my manual chair though, and do still wheel about five miles a day, and even do occasional 5K races. I love knowing there are new products out there that will help maintain me in my manual chair.

Also, I loved your article about wound care [“A New Model for Wound Care,” April 2013]. I wish I had this information a few years ago when I got my first pressure sore. My doctor wanted me to get a new chair and the one “they” chose didn’t fit. I lost nearly four years to down time, including 10 surgeries (two for flaps), seven rounds of multiple super-strong IV antibiotics (six to eight weeks at a time), a lot of time spent in a Clinitron bed, multiple hospital stays, and much of the entire time o