g2-300x222For the artists of the world itching to work on a wheelchair project that may get noticed by big names in the art world, a juried gallery show at the Bell Arts Factory in Ventura, CA may be just the opportunity you were looking for, or at the very least, a cool opportunity to showcase your skills as an artist.

The show is called Opulent Mobility and it’s a show devoted to re-imagining mobility and disability. What they’re looking for is an artistic re-imagining of a wheelchair, walker, crutches, prosthetic, etc. They want the re-imagining to be something you can hang on your wall too – a drawing, painting, digital work, photograph or multi-media project; not an actual real-life representation…..which by the way will definitely save the artist a few bucks.

And when they say re-imagining, the idea is to re-think how a wheelchair should look, or perhaps infuse an idea or dream you had about a wheelchair and bring it to life in art. Perhaps you could add a super-power to a wheelchair, or simply make a walker look cooler. Anything pimped-out, more luxe, more beautiful, cutting-edge, technology-based; anything out of the box.

And the end goal of the show – to start a conversation about what works and what doesn&#