8758588830_bf980dae64_mThanks to an inventor from Montana, throwing a disc far enough to be able to play with able-bodied players has finally been invented – the Folf Club. It’s not available yet, but they need your support to make it happen.

If you don’t know what disc golf is btw, think of it has golf but with discs instead (not to be confused with the frisbee, or ultimate frisbee). And it’s usually free to play since most disc golf courses are in public parks (I believe there are around 3,000 disc golf courses in the country). That’s a lot of discing, and it’s a blast to play.

I started hanging out with my boyfriend at disc golf courses a few years ago; how I discovered this sport. But I could never play, or had no hope of ever playing, until now. I can’t throw a disc farther than 5 ft. (definitely not enough to keep up with the boys). I did love, and still do, traversing through the woods and trails where the courses are. A nice bonus.

And how the Folf Club works, which enables you to throw a disc twice as far, is simple: Put a disc into the launcher, hold the handle (or if you can’t grip, have it strapped to your wrist), reach your arm back, then whip it forward. The disc will eject automatically as you move your arm forward, and then watch your disc fly farther than it ever has before.

While it’s not powered by electricity, the launcher can still be used by anyone with compromised upper-body movement (quads, people with CP, spina bifida – I’m looking at you). Rhis is a big reason why I love the Folf Club so much. It can be used by anyone with a smidge of upper-body movement.

Before, this was so not the case with disc golf. Maybe powered disc golf will be the next adapted sport? Sign me up! In the meantime, to help make the Folf Club, “the ultimate disc golf launcher,” available to the public, it needs your support.

They’re currently running an online campaign to raise funds for the production, and there are only 11 days left (their goal is $6,500). If they’re able to get that much in donations, Product Funder will give them a predetermined amount of money towards getting the Folf Club made, and out there in our eager hands.

Can’t wait.

Do you disc golf? Have you created your own adaptations?

Watch the Folf Club in action

Donate the Folf Club’s online campaign