5064205170_ec670c4767_mAll this talk about families cutting in line at Disney has gotten me thinking. Families are either hiring a person who uses a wheelchair or milking a family member’s pseudo-injury to the nth degree so they can go on twice as many rides in one day. Ok. Whatever. It’s getting old having able-bodied people covet our so-called “perks.”

I don’t care where I go, NYC, Texas, Seattle, LA, people all over tend to believe there are a few definite perks to our situations. While it’s hard to deny that these small benefits are nice in the moment, they don’t make up for even 1% of what we’ve lost because of our disability.

Accessible parking: Accessible parking is the number one perk the able-bodied masses salivate for. Free and/or really close parking to wherever you’re going – can’t be beat. Our tags our stolen from our cars, some of us have even had our plates stolen. Why don’t you steal my disability too? I’ll totally trade. I can teach you the catheterization-part too fr