galleryPushing your chair long distance isn’t a new idea. Rick Hansen, the famous Canadian paraplegic and founder of the Hansen Foundation, is one of the all-time wheelers to push his chair an incredibly long distance.

In 1985, he pushed himself more than 40,000 kilometers through 34 countries (it took 26 months); all in the name of spinal cord injury research (you can bet he was tired after that). And now, two other wheelers in 2013 are aiming to do the same thing here in the United States. Ryan Chalmers, a 23 year old with spinal bifida, is planning to start his trek on April 6th and Suheil Aghabi, a 42 year old paraplegic, just began his on April 1st. Both are aiming to cross the USA all by their own push-power.

Let’s start with Suheil, who’s from Burbank, California. He was paralyzed almost 20 years ago while studying at NYU and he’s recognizing his 20th anniversary of being paralyzed by rolling across the country this Spring. He has a web site – Roll wi