Flynt1rLarry Flynt is the only wheelchair-using, multi-millionaire pornographer and free speech advocate in America, or at least the most notorious. Though 70 years old and slowed by a stroke, he spends most days, he says, at his spacious Los Angeles office in his gold-plated, velvet-tufted wheelchair — “If you sit in one of these things,” he quips, “it might as well be gold.” He oversees 30 different companies involved with pornographic magazines and videos, clubs, retail stores, a broadcast production studio, and a very popular gaming casino in Garden Grove, Calif., among other enterprises.

After almost 40 years of endless public opprobrium and counter-opprobrium, and no small amount of self-promotion, Mr. Flynt, as his employees call him, is not generally regarded as an inspirational role model for paralysis. He will never appear in one of those heartwarming “Against All Odds” stories at the end of the 6 o’clock news. If you were to name the 10 most admired disabled people in America, his name would probably not ma