scubaSCUBA, deep-sea diving – this amazing sport can be adapted and it’s incredible, but it’s certainly not easy on the pocketbook.

It can cost $400 at some places just to get certified, and that doesn’t include the equipment. And the costs of SCUBA is especially high if you’re a young adult with a disability. Maybe you live at home or are in college. Chances are you don’t have the money to try out deep-sea diving for yourself….

That’s why Stay-Focused is such a great nonprofit. They make it possible for teens and young adults to try deep-sea diving, and they take them on exciting diving trips to the luxe Grand Cayman Islands). They were founded by Roger Muller, an able-bodied man who became passionate about diving for people with disabilities after seeing his brother, a paraplegic, gain so much freedom from it. This foundation is based in NYC and they’re celebrating their 10th anniversary this year.

What I love it is that Stay-Focused is classy. Many of their advisers come from accomplished companies and their d