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cripbuzz413Disability in Film: Are Attitudes Changing?
Rust and Bone, The Sessions, Amour and Untouchable

[originally released as The Intouchables] are all fine films. But I doubt these films do quite enough that we would regard them, a decade from now, as major milestones in the development of cinema’s approach to disability.

It sometimes seems like filmmakers believe audiences will only be interested in the business of becoming disabled, and the short-term psychological effects thereof, when I’m certain the reverse is true. How we became disabled is often the least interesting thing about us. It is how we spend our lives afterwards that is usually most worth documenting, as evidenced by The Sessions and Untouchable. They tell the true stories of paralyzed men who did extraordinary things. Or rather, who refused to be prevented from doing ordinary things.

It will only be when films featuring disabled people become so commonplace that they cease to seem like a genre of their own, that we will truly have passed a turning point in the way film chooses to show us.
— Scott Jordan Harris,