New Mobility’s yearly “Sex, Wheels and Relationships” issue turned 18 this February with the topic of same-sex marriage in “Here Comes the Bride … and Bride” by longtime managing editor Josie Byzek. To celebrate our coming of age, we re-read 56 taboo-breaking articles that have helped define the magazine since 1996.

Has anything changed over the years? Well, we haven’t had anyone send us a shredded copy of New Mobility with a cancellation request since 1997, so perhaps we have matured in our presentation. But we’re still answering your questions on paralysis and relationships: What do I do if I have an accident in bed? Can I find new ways to reach orgasm? Am I still lovable? Here are 10 killer quotes from the archives.

On Love
“I’d say I thought she’d be better off with someone who didn’t poop in his pants, and she would say, ‘But I wouldn’t love him.’” (Alan, 1996)

On Marriage