Bob VogelQ. I’m in my 10th year as a T4 complete para. As an avid mono-skier, winter is my favorite time of year. But it seems the cold winter months are increasingly taking their toll on my skin. My lower legs and feet get dry, flaky and red, and the tips of my fingers get deep cracks right at the edges of the fingernails.  Is there anything I can do to help this?

Also, although I always get a flu shot, I’ve never had a pneumonia shot. I’ve read that it is recommended for people over 65 or with compromised immune systems — I’m healthy and my immune system is strong. Are there any recommendations in regards to SCI and getting a pneumonia shot?

A. Becca, for the average person, cold winter weather presents a myriad of health challenges, from trying to avoid colds and flu to dry, flaky skin, but adding spi