Remember the days before cell phones? I had to fumble to get quarter in a public phone whenever I needed to call home (with paralyzed hands? not easy). Then 1998 came, and suddenly, everybody had a cell phone. I didn’t realize it at that time, but this was one of the most important technologies to not only happen to me, but to all people with disabilities.

I thought my first cell phone, a Sprint PCS from a Best Buy, was pretty great. I felt like a secret agent whenever I’d pull it out (even if my hands couldn’t grip it that well). And then something crazy thing to me that made me respect my cell a whole lot more – I almost fell out of my wheelchair.

Ok, here’s what happened: I was in my van, backing away from the steering wheel (I drive from my chair), it was 95° out and sunny, and my windows had already closed, when my body decided to suddenly go into a full on spasm, almost throwing me out of my chair (leaving my butt on the very edge of my seat). I was stuck.

I couldn’t yell for help. Windows were shut, no one could hear me. The only thing I could do – praise the Lord – was reach over into my right-side p