FacingFacing Disability (www.facingdisability.com) is a video-based website that is especially useful to people with new injuries and their families, as it presents information from both professionals in the medical field and individuals living with an SCI. The videos are divided into three sections: Videos by Topic and Question, Videos by Family Relationship and Videos by Experts. Each video is shot against a solid-colored cloth background and runs from 20 seconds up to just under three minutes.

The Topic and Question section tries to anticipate what concerns a newly-injured person or family member would have, from what happens right after discharge all the way through marriage and children. In the Videos by Relationship section, family members can hear stories of others who are in their situation. It is one of the few places on the Internet where this type of material is gathered. There are also stories of injured individuals as well.

And the Videos by Experts section videos explain specific pieces of information in small chunks of time. For example, under Spinal Co