The National Restaurant Association has released an ADA toolkit to help member restaurants comply with accessibility regulations and make their establishments more inviting to customers with disabilities.

The 80-page document focuses on the updated regulations to ADA Titles II and III. Angelo Amador, NRA vice president of labor and workforce policy, says the document provides a checklist so members can see if they are compliant. “The key was to make it as user friendly as possible,” Amador says.

The document advises members on ADA lawsuits and provides updated information concerning service animals. Amador says restaurants are familiar with service dogs but confusion arises with other animals. “One thing that needs clarifying to restaurants is that now miniature horses are allowed,” Amador says.

Travis Hoffman, advocacy coordinator for Summit Independent Living Center, says the toolkit shows the NRA values all its customers. “It shows that they recognize the disability population as a viable customer base,” Hoffman said. Hoffman adds that the toolkit is a giant step forward on the NRA’s part when compared to the hotel industry’s recent fight over installing accessible pool lifts. “I think the hotel industry would be wise to follow in their