I may be too burnt out on the genre, but if you’re a fan of gushy primetime soap operas, have a soft spot in your heart for 90210 AND are interested in characters with disabilities in the media (television and movies, etc), then Riley (played by Riley Smith of ’24,’ ‘Motocrosser’ and ‘Freak & Geeks’ fame) is a character you need to get hip to.

He’s only been on the newly revamped 90210 series for 1 ½ months now (they‘re in their 5th season), and sadly….he is not actually a paraplegic in real life (boo). This of course is not all that surprising, considering Hollywood’s past of avoiding using actors with disabilities in recurring roles (preferring known able-bodied actors, having them pretend to be disabled instead).

With that said however, his portrayal of Riley Smith, a hunky guy in a wheelchair with bedroom eyes, is one of the most accurate I’v