Well, it finally happened. Instead of dressing up a reality show about little people or 800lb women and calling it educational, AMC is finally being honest about the product they’re putting out (to the possible chagrin of people with disabilities), with their newest program – Freakshow.

The show follows one of the most infamous freak shows in the country, the Venice Beach Freakshow. If you’ve visited this legendary walk of weirdness in Cali (I once had an amazing scalp massage from a porn star/sales person while I was there), you may have seen the building as you rolled by (and it sadly isn’t accessible).

Owned and operated by Todd Ray, a music producer who’s worked with big names like Mick Jagger, 311, Santana, Korn and Audioslave before opening his the Venice Brach Freakshow in 2006, the show focuses on him, his family and of course the freaks. In addition to real-life freaks, they also have the largest two-headed animal collection in the world. Ew.

As for the freaks you’ll see, they have your bizarre self-imposed freaks, a guy with tatt