You’ve more than likely heard about wheelchair boxing, and that’s usually about as extreme as it gets when it comes to an adapted sport that pits two people against. But that’s not enough for some wheelers. Wheelchair ultimate fighting is the next hot sport for wheelers wanting to let off a little steam (and beat the crap out of another person in a wheelchair).

Ultimate Fighting, also known as MMA, has been a popular sport for several years now, but I’ve never heard of wheelchair-users wanting to get in on the action. It just never occurred to me that it’d be something that was even possible. But what I love about blogging for the site is I’m constantly proved wrong.

Last Spring, unbeknownst to me, Mark Zupan (a quadriplegic who became famous after starring in the movie Murderball), fought in an exhibition match against Jason Ellis, an able-bodied fighter, at the Hard Rock Casino in Las V