RuckerthOK, I’m a little slow on the uptake here, but thanks to eagle-eyed Jeff Shannon, friend and fellow NEW MOBILITY contributor, I now know that the days of the Great Disability Scam are numbered. Via Jeff, I just learned that Bill O’Reilly, the self-designated “Paul Revere” on all things ruining this great nation, has found hard evidence that disability con-men and scofflaws — and you know who you are — are out there running helter-skelter and robbing us of what little national treasury is still in the account.

O’Reilly recently exposed the crippled underground for its almost gang-like corruption and thievery. His evidence: In June of 1992, there were 3.3 million Americans receiving federal disability payments. Twenty years later, word apparently got around and those disability rolls now number a shocking 8,733,000 individual hand-outs. Why such a budget-busting increase? “I’ll tell you why,” straight-talking Bill says, “It’s a con. It’s easy to put in a bogus disability claim.”

Bill’s not buying the lame arguments that there are 65 million more Americans in 2012 than in 199