For years it has always been the Olympic Games and the Paralympics, and we’ve always accepted it as such. Two separate competitions, siblings of a higher cause, but there’s a rumbling of change happening out there – a possible merger of the two that could be considered after 2020.

To some, the idea of this even happening is inconceivable. How can you mix able-bodied athletes with disabled athletes? That’s not exactly what they’re proposing. While it was great to see Oscar Pretorius run alongside able-bodied athletes in the Olympic Games in London, we all know that won’t happen very often. Able-bodied athletes and disabled athletes can never compete equally, but why do their competitions have to happen separately?

The idea is to get rid of the ‘Paralympics’ in name completely, and just have the Olympics. People say, “Hey if you want to be treated the same, let’s not have a separate competition for you.” So instead of separate Paralympic sports, a