accessible_bathroomQ. I’m in my second year as a T4 complete paraplegic. In July I will be flying to La Paz, Mexico, with a group of friends to go scuba diving in the Sea of Cortez — heading out on a dive boat each day and spending our evenings in town.

This is my first big trip since I became paralyzed. I’ve done my homework and checked the accessibility of the hotel and dive boat, including having them measure doorways and bathrooms and email me photos. I’m stoked about the trip, but my biggest worry is getting a case of Montezuma’s revenge — especially as a para. With no sensation, if I get the runs, I won’t know it until it’s too late.

Any suggestions on how to avoid it? And if I do get it, what to do about it?

— Frank

A. Frank — kudos to you for your advanced accessibility checking! As to your question, a more common name for the malady you fear is “Travelers