Tim GilmerWe all know about those prime parking spaces and the best stalls in public restrooms (theoretically, at least). Free rental car and airline seat upgrades are a pleasant surprise when they actually happen. And always having your own chair handy when the folding chairs in a conference room disappear can be nice. But I never thought I’d be getting that I-won-the- lottery feeling when it comes to being a grandfather on wheels.

With my daughter, I always felt a sense of responsibility, so everything I did with her was weighted with consideration for the future. With my grandson, the ultimate responsibility for his future is on his parents, so I’m free to simply enjoy the moment. In other words, I get to be a kid again.

His name is Cooper and he’s pushing 3. That’s not the only thing he pushes. He discovered the flip-up handles on my chair when he was just a year old. Now whenever the opportunity arises, he’ll flip the handles up and start pushing, never mind where. I get to go for rides when I least expect it.

I’m quick to return the favor. I’ll grab him, toss him in my lap and take off. Hardwood floors and lots of space make for a fast track. I’ll stop abruptly, skidding with one brake (my hand) firmly applied, then spin in circles. Remember getting dizzy as a kid? It’s even better as an adult.

Cooper has discovered the sturdy cross-piece where my wheel hubs mount. He’ll crawl under my chair and use the