Cooking from a Wheelchair Tip:                                                                 Convenient Pre-Cookingpre-cooking
Sometimes the hardest part of cooking from a wheelchair is browning meat in a skillet that’s shoulder level. On days when you’re feeling energetic or have someone to help, fry several pounds at once. Season the meat as you would for your favorite meals, and then scoop the browned meat onto a cookie sheet lined with paper towels to absorb the grease. Slide out the paper towels, spread meat into a thin layer and place cookie sheet in freezer. When frozen, crumble meat into small pieces and store in a large zipper bag in the freezer. Don’t forget to write down any seasonings you used in the outside of the bag so you know what recipe the meat would taste best in. You can also buy green peppers when they’re in season and cheaper, dice and freeze them raw (but don’t serve them raw). It’s so easy to sprinkle them into a recipe. Or even better, first braise them in oil in a skillet with onions and add to a recipe. Want chili, spaghetti, tacos, casserole, sloppy Joes? Smile! The hard work is already done!

— Sharon Gardner

Bins, Baskets and Bookcases

It’s irrelevant how many things you have if you can’t reach them. The answer could be baskets and bins — just a couple dollars at thrift stores and likely available in a size, shape and style to fit most any need. A large baske