The Fox channel’s hit show, Glee, follows a high school show choir and features a diverse cast of students ranging from gay to wheelchair user. The musical-comedy veers into satire, and at any time someone might just burst into song. Glee often deals with social issues, only with a soundtrack. But the show is edgy and a blast to watch, as it regularly skews stereotypes in rather non-PC fashion.

One of the characters, Artie, is a wheelchair-using nerd played by nondisabled actor Kevin McHale, a choice that prompted an outcry from disabled viewers last November. The show’s writers responded, creating a new character played by real life quad Zack Weinstein. The character, Sean, is a football player, recently injured, now a quad. In his debut episode, he’s only shown in bed.

The show’s diva, Rachel, who has tonsillitis, characteristically over-reacts to temporarily losing her voice, prompting her sometimes beau, Finn, to take her to meet Sean. She is dutifully “inspired,” and they sing a lovely song.

It turns out that New Mobility’s own Jeff Shannon, Doug Lathrop and Josie Byzek are “Gleeks” — geeks who like Glee. The three of them watched the episode featuring Zack and then met on Lathrop’s Facebook page to critique, condemn and praise the show. Below is their edi