It wasn’t that long ago that sports technologies for wheelchair users — from handcycles to sit-skis — were cobbled together in the garages of individuals. In more recent years, larger wheelchair manufacturers entered the market, increasing consumer access to sports-related mobility products. However, the cutting edge still remains with entrepreneurial manufacturers who push adaptive sports equipment to the next level, where innovation truly meets recreation.

Lasher Sport, a premier custom ultralight wheelchair maker, recently launched arguably the most high-tech handcycle ever built. Made from magnesium frame tubing — which is 65 percent lighter than titanium, and as strong as 6061-T6 aluminum — Lasher’s Handcycle Elite aims at being more efficient to propel. Weighing 28 pounds (lighter than many two-wheelers), the Handcycle Elite features top-of-the-line construction and components throughout, from a carbon fiber seat to all Shimano running gear to Spinergy wheels.

Lasher’s Handcycle Elite transitions from a road racer to an  indoor trainer within five minutes. The Handcycle Elite computer interfaces with the RacerMate computer trainer, where, by using the cycle on rollers, a computerized system, including a visual screen, simulates varying road c