Gemini by Jon Wos

By P.I. Maltbie

Contemporary artist Jon Wos, who came into this world with osteogenesis imperfecta, uses his painting to plumb the depths of his identity. Another emerging artist, Sunny Taylor, born with arthrogryposis, employs her artistic talent to educate and advocate. Both are influenced by earlier surrealists, but they share an even more intimate connection with the late Frida Kahlo, perhaps the best-known artist of the 20th Century to explore her disability in her artwork.

Frida Kahlo: The Icon

“My painting comes with the message of pain”
– Frida Kahlo

Few artists have captured the public imagination like Frida Kahlo. In the 50-plus years since her death, she has achieved the status of icon. Her life and art speak to a wide range of people – women, Hispanics, people with disabilities and anyone who has felt victimized or alone. In her lifetime she was the star of her own continuing drama and is also the subject of plays, books, and movies.