Humorous, poignant, life-affirming, often complex but always insightful–in his decade at the helm of   New Mobility, Barry Corbet’s words leaped off the page and took up residence in our minds and hearts, where they continue to stir emotions to this day. Following are some of the most memorable Corbetisms as chosen by our editorial staff:

“Real life doesn’t give a damn about the particulars of how you live it. It just keeps flowing and happening and creating and destroying–all the richness and terror, the beauty and power–and you get the whole ball of wax, with or without a disability.”

“Inclusion is inclusion, and it means everybody.”

“We should not be afraid to inspire–the world needs it badly, and we need the experience of giving it extravagantly.”

“Usually we have to see our perceived failings in fellow gimps we know and respect–and see that they’re evidence of anatomy, not amorality–before we can get over them in ourselves. First we distance the shame as theirs, not ours, then we see that there is no shame.”

“We may be fragmented as a community and self-interested as individuals, but we have unique reason to see that we’re not immune to the worst things that happen to others. We know we’re not islands unto ourselves.”

“Too soon we get old, too late we get smart.”

“Once we fully understand how universal is

[the] fear of otherness–and that it truly is fear and not hate–then we can learn to touch people in the face of their anxieties. Quite suddenly, we are free to discover the kindness of strangers. Quite suddenly, strangers are free to discover us.”

“Disability is expensive. Expensive lifestyles are usually reserved for the rich. Disabled people, as a whole, are poor as dirt. How does anybody make sense of that?”

“Without our in-your-face advocates, w