Welcome to Post-ADA America. We hope you’ve enjoyed your flight. Before leaving, please be sure to check the area around your seat for any civil rights or scraps of human dignity you may have managed to keep us from stealing. Thank you for flying with us — and remember, if you feel your rights have been violated, you’re required by law to wait 90 days before suing us. Have a nice day.

The first President Bush signs the ADA in 1990. Has the law been cut beyond recognition since then? Photo by Tom Olin

The death of the Americans with Disabilities Act–if it is in fact dead–did not occur suddenly. Rather, the Supreme Court has subjected it to the judicial equivalent of the Death of a Thousand Cuts. No single ruling by the high court could be considered fatal, but cumulatively they–especially in the sections of the ADA pertaining to employment–have narrowed the scope of the act so drastically that only a small number of the estimated 54 million disabled Americans remain covered. As Sarah Triano, an advocate with Access Living Chicago and a person with an immune-system disorder,