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5 Ultimate Wheelchair Battery Care Tips

A power wheelchair is nothing without its batteries, as we know all too well. Most power chairs have two large batteries that require nightly charging while we’re sleeping, which by the way is the most practical way to go about getting our charge in for all of you noobs out there. There are a lot […]


A Wheelchair History of Disability in Canada

Researchers at Canada‘s Carleton University have unveiled A Wheelchair History of Disability in Canada, a virtual exhibit that explores the historical relationships between assistive technology, society, medical and rehabilitation professionals, and wheelchair users themselves. “Old wheelchairs tell extraordinary stories about the people who used them, made them and lived around them,” says Dominique Marshall, chair […]


BBraver Handrims

Here at GearCrip, we’re dedicated to bringing you the latest, hottest tech and gear trends for the wheelchair using community. Today we’ve got something so new you can’t even buy it on its own website yet! GearCrippers, meet the BBraver handrim. The hot-off-the-press release promises “an innovative handrim that makes using a wheelchair more comfortable […]

Tek RMD Moving Standing Frame

Tek RMD Moving Standing Frame

A couple of years ago the Internet and media went crazy over a video of a young man using a streamlined machine that looked like a cross between a standing frame and a wheelchair to move around in a standing position. The product was the Tek RMD (Robotic Mobilization Device), and in news bits and […]

Two Freedom Chairs

Two Freedom Chairs

1. Freedom Chair: Play Sultan for a Day Crosswind Concepts designed the Freedom Chair so wheelchair users can travel across rough outdoor terrain and areas such as paths, beaches and parks. It may also double as an emergency evacuation chair to transport people up and down stairs. The 19 pound aluminum chair is the brainchild of […]

Getting a New Wheelchair is So Not Fun

Getting a New Wheelchair is So Not Fun

Unlike getting a new car, house or pair of shoes, getting a new wheelchair is so not fun. You’d think it would be … the ordering, the anticipation, the new chair smell. But when your new chair arrives, you realize how un-fun it actually is. Reason being, it feels completely foreign. It’s too easy to […]

US Airways Fined $1.2 Million

US Airways Fined $1.2 Million

US Airways has been fined $1.2 million by the U.S. Department of Transportation after the DOT reviewed approximately 300 complaints filed by passengers who use wheelchairs. This is the largest fine ever assessed by the DOT in a disability case. Airlines must promptly assist wheelchair users, but federal officials found US Airways passengers at airports […]

Weight Loss and Wheelchairs

Weight Loss and Wheelchairs

Pushing a manual chair is a great calorie burner, but it isn’t always practical or even possible. Variables from injury level and sore shoulders to progression of a condition warrant a power chair and/or power assist. When a long-time manual chair user switches to power or power/assist, the pounds can quickly add up if you […]

Ashley Lyn Olson stayed at one hotel with a perfect bathroom, but the bed was on an inaccessible platform (right).

How to Get an Accessible Hotel Room

Ashley Lyn Olson is passionate about traveling. As CEO and founder of the organization, the California paraplegic knows a thing or two about wheelchair accessible hotels.

Things I'd Like to See: 7 Outrageous Inventions for Wheelchair Users

Things I’d Like to See: 7 Outrageous Inventions for Wheelchair Users

Some of these inventions for wheelchair users undoubtedly already exist, but I guarantee that some of them don’t (generally because they are outlandish or endearingly impractical), but each of them puts a spotlight on one of the small but troublesome dilemmas that plague my particular corner of the disability universe. I am guessing I am not completely alone. And the more small problems that get solved cheaply, easily and practically, the more time we disabled folk have left over for higher level functions.

The Wheelchair Front-Plow

A wide, V-shaped flexible plow that easily attaches to the front of your chair, like a snowplow but for light-duty use. Made of stiffened rubber or some durable, flexible but strong plastic, it would hug the ground and push all manner of objects in your path out of the way. It would have to be wide enough to direct items beyond the reach of your back wheels so you don’t crunch them on your way through. All those years of navigating a living room strewn with Lego pieces after the kids went to bed would have been a lot easier with this implement. A corollary design might have brushes, allowing you to sweep the floor like those drivable lawnmowers handle a field, and you would just make a long, systematic pass through your house to clean up.

The Back Hook Implant