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Wheelchair Dance Movie Musical Chairs on HBO all April

Wheelchair Dance Movie Musical Chairs on HBO all April

There is a lot to love about the wheelchair dance movie, Musical Chairs, which is playing on HBO this whole month. First, it features Push Girl Auti Angel, and here at New Mobility we are die-hard Auti Angel fans. Our pal from Philadelphia, Clark Matthews, also has a cameo in the big dance scene. Second, […]

7 Very Screwy Curb Cuts That Won't Help at All

7 Very Screwy Curb Cuts That Won’t Help at All

The concept of a curb cut is elegant in its simplicity — it’s just a small ramp inserted at street corners or other logical places to allow wheelchair users, parents with strollers and other people who use wheels the ability to cross the street. Yet, for some reason, sometimes this simple elegant concept gets bungled. […]

Person of Year's Belize Adventure

Person of Year’s Belize Adventure

When I interviewed Deborah Davis for New Mobility’s Person of the Year profile, she was about to leave for Belize — yet another travel adventure for this dynamic, daring woman. If you’re like me and have no clue where Belize is located, here’s what I learned: The country is on the northeastern coast of Central […]

Adaptive Kite Surfing

Adaptive Kite Surfing

In my ‘survey of one,’ innovations in adaptive sports equipment are perhaps the next best thing to an outright SCI cure. When I was injured (T10 complete para), never being able to ski again was a worse blow than never being able to walk again — this was 1985, two years before mono-skiing made the […]

Weight Loss and Wheelchairs

Weight Loss and Wheelchairs

Pushing a manual chair is a great calorie burner, but it isn’t always practical or even possible. Variables from injury level and sore shoulders to progression of a condition warrant a power chair and/or power assist. When a long-time manual chair user switches to power or power/assist, the pounds can quickly add up if you […]

Living Spaces - June 2011

Living Spaces – June 2011

Convection Oven Love If I’d known what a difference a convection oven would make, I would have forked over the $89 years ago. A convection oven blows heated air from all four sides, distributing it more evenly, producing better texture and taste than a microwave. It broils, toasts, and bakes in less time than a […]

‘Shape’ Self-Esteem Role Model Stacy Kaye: Strong, Dignified

  Stacy Kaye, a journalist and account executive with Washington, D.C.-based Mike Smith Public Affairs, was thrilled to be named one of Shape magazine’s 2011 self-esteem role models. “I knew right away this would be an exciting opportunity like no other,” says Kaye, 36, an incomplete T12 para. “After all, how often does a healthy […]