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Toddler Wheelchairs Let Kids be Kids

Toddler Wheelchairs Let Kids be Kids

Children with disabilities are denied so many opportunities and learning experiences when they can’t move around independently, which is why I’m so excited to see the recent development trend of toddler wheelchairs. Finally, a way has arrived to help these little guys to interact with the world. Why is this important? Kids with disabilities often […]

'Save the Wheelchair' Campaign Launched

‘Save the Wheelchair’ Campaign Launched

NEW YORK, N.Y.: United Spinal Association member Kesha Pilot, a 27 year-old wheelchair user and disability advocate from Hot Springs, Ark., has launched the Save the Wheelchair campaign to raise money to support United Spinal’s third annual Roll on Capitol Hill. Roll on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., June 22-25, 2014, is United Spinal’s annual […]

The Bounder H frame model can go up to 11.7 mph.

Innovations: The Need for Speed

Whether we use an ultralight wheelchair, power chair or handcycle, many of us have the need for speed.

Stuck Inside this Winter? Here are Some Ideas

Stuck Inside this Winter? Here are Some Ideas

As I write this, the winds are blowing fiercely and the snow is piling up like icy sand dunes  — just another winter’s day in the frigid northeastern U.S. Winter always seems like the longest season of the year but in 2014, it appears as if this extreme weather will never end. Since I work […]

Dear Santa: here's my wish list

Dear Santa: here’s my wish list

This time of year we’re bombarded with silly TV commercials trying to sell us even sillier gift ideas, ranging from Chia pets to underwear, potato chips and everything in between. This year, though, when I saw the ad for “the Clapper,” I thought, “hmm, that might actually be useful.” Wouldn’t  it be a kick to […]

Oh, no, not the snow!

Oh, no, not the snow!

With a huge swath of the country covered by mounds of snow, it’s time to face a seasonal truth: for wheelers, unless you’re skiing or otherwise playing in the snow, dealing with the snow and the cold stinks! Big wheels caked with snow. Small wheels covered in dirty slush. All four wheels bringing snow and […]

Three Easy Ways to Get the Most out of Wheelchair Manufacturer Websites

Three Easy Ways to Get the Most out of Wheelchair Manufacturer Websites

From interactive features to Facebook pages to YouTube channels, this past year has delivered wheelchair manufacturer websites with more consumer resources than ever. Many of these sites offer a consumer-controlled multimedia experience, where from your computer, smart phone or tablet, you can access an astounding array of comparison shopping information on the latest wheelchairs. 1. […]

He wanted to dance; I didn't

He wanted to dance; I didn’t

How do you handle the embarrassing situation when a stranger pushes your wheelchair out on the dance floor with your permission?


Innovations: Six-Wheel Power Wheelchair Sensations

By moving a power wheelchair’s drive wheels toward the center and adding both front and rear casters for stability, maneuverability dramatically increases.

Panthera X

New Products Unveiled

Here is a sampling of the cool, mobility-enhancing equipment that wheelers and clinicians were able to see, touch and experience at this year’s ISS exhibit hall.