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The Perfect Wheelchair Doesn't Exist

The Perfect Wheelchair Doesn’t Exist

There are a lot of injustices you come across when living life from the wheelchair perspective, notably the grand injustice of being relegated to the confines of a four, sometimes six, wheel-base. Sometimes, if you get used to the wheelchair-life, you don’t realize how incredibly confining it is until you get off the pavement and […]

Wheeling Beyond Limits: Add-ons For Your Chair

Wheeling Beyond Limits: Add-ons For Your Chair

A growing number of products are designed to make propelling yourself easier and extend your life in a manual wheelchair, while helping you keep fit and avoid muscle overuse and debilitating pain.

Getting a new wheelchair headache

Getting a new wheelchair headache

“Come on down! You’ve just won a wheelchair on the Price Is Right.” If this were to happen, it would be the worst idea ever. Getting a new wheelchair is so not the equivalent to getting a new car. You can’t just get in one and roll away (I wish it were that easy). It’s […]

New 'lever chair' changing lives

New ‘lever chair’ changing lives

Levers. This new ‘lever’ propelling feature for wheelchairs isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. We saw it first in the Wijit, and now it’s becoming a godsend to people in wheelchairs all around the globe. The Leveraged Freedom Chair, a brand new inexpensively-designed wheelchair made for developing countries, is opening up the world to people with […]

TiLite TR Series 3

Innovations: Hot Ultralight Rigids for 2013

Beyond insurer funding cuts and mobility industry trends, the one genre that continues innovating year after year is the ultralight rigid manual wheelchair. Approaching its 40th anniversary, the ultralight rigid is lighter, sleeker and, yes, sexier than ever, with the new models pushing performance and style even further for 2013. More Curves That’s TiLite’s tagline […]

Found: Powerchair with chrome bling

Found: Powerchair with chrome bling

Here, my fellow powerchair users, is the inspiration for my desire to want to look awesome…even in my wheelchair. It is a powerchair encased in chrome. Well not completely, but it covers about 25% of it, and on a wheelchair that usually looks like a wanna-be Tranformers, this makes for one heck of a makeover. […]

Eric Walls, left, and Brad Parks side wheelie “formation flying” down a steep hill near the Quadra factory.

Quadra and the Lightweight Wheelchair Revolution

Viewing a sleek red Quadra wheelchair demo my first day in the physical therapy gym was a milestone in helping me accept my T10 paralysis. The year was 1985 and at age 25, self-image was extremely important, especially since the folding wheelchairs of the time sent the message: “Patient — don’t touch.” Instead, the red […]

Mark E. Smith

Performance Positioning

When it comes to selecting wheelchairs, most of us look at performance, like frame material on an ultralight manual or speed on a power chair. However, among the most overlooked aspects is seating and positioning, which dictates user comfort. With the average user spending 16 hours per day in a wheelchair, it’s arguably among the […]

Tim Gilmer

Dream Chair

Having used a manual wheelchair for 47 years, I’ve had plenty of time to consider wheelchair design and what I’d like to see in a manual chair. And I also know what I don’t want to see, mainly the pea-brained designs you’ll find on There’s a super-cushy chair with oversized chrome wheels, a four-foot […]

The NuDrive Evo

Clamp-On Power; Easier Pushing

When we look at the current demographics of ultralight manual wheelchair users, make no mistake, a significant percentage of us belong to an aging population. Those of us who came of age self-propelling beginning in the 1970s, with wheelchair sports exploding in the 1980s, have now been pushing our way through life for over 30 […]