December 2017

SCI and Diabetes Risk: Ways To Improve Your Odds

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Q. I’m 45 and a C6 quad for 17 years. I just read Tim Gilmer’s article on diabetes that mentioned a study saying people with SCI are 2.5 times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than the general public. Should I get a diabetes test?

Safe Disposal of Unwanted Items

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Q. Recently, I’ve been prescribed a number of different medications, which left me with a three-month supply of the “unsuccessful” ones that now need proper, safe disposal. Additionally, I have accumulated outdated wheelchairs and a variety of unneeded medical supplies. There are probably people somewhere in the world who could benefit from having access to them. Are there other avenues that I might investigate?

November 2017

Wheelchair Add-Ons to Make Commuting Easier

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There are countless occasions in my everyday life where it would be much simpler, and more enjoyable, to not have to get in my car. In talking with a few fellow wheelers, I found that there are a few options that can make commuting for a manual wheelchair user more functional.