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Michael Collins

Everyday Advocacy: Pool Lifts

What’s the deal with pool lifts at hotels and other public accommodations?

Allen Rucker

Raising a Ruckus: Disland is Your Land!

People who aren’t disabled see disabled people as tragic. If the odds are ever going to get better in the full-inclusion sweepstakes, our vast community has to figure out a way of driving a sharp wedge between the word “disability” and the perceived connotations of heartbreak, pain, suffering, weakness, humiliation, flesh eating bacteria, and there-for-the-grace-of-God-go-I […]

Letters: March 2014

Person of the Year, Chairskating, Jeff Shannon, Bus Protest

Tim Gilmer

Bully Pulpit: We Are the Seeds

I have always been fascinated by seeds. Why? They are bursting with such potential! As each unique seedling, flower or plant unfolds, it often surprises us with its beauty, complexity, and ability to be fruitful. Whether germinating or dormant, seeds must have the right conditions to set them on their journey. And so it is […]

Healing the Crooked Spine: Solving Posture Problems

Healing the Crooked Spine: Solving Posture Problems

Our bodies may be bent, but changing habits and getting the right aids and equipment can make a difference.

The Brazilian dance troupe, Corpo em Movimento, led a workshop in Chicago.

Brazilian and American Disabled Athletes Exchange Ideas

Paralympic athletes from two different hemispheres exchange visits and learn about advocacy and friendship.

A Scene From Jeff's Final Act

A Scene From Jeff’s Final Act

An obituary is factual and brief, but a sister’s memory of her brother’s passing will live in the hearts of all who were touched by him.

SCI Life: Discovering Wisconsin Her Own Way

SCI Life: Discovering Wisconsin Her Own Way

Jen Addis, 50 Marathons, Tablet Eye Tracking

The Bounder H frame model can go up to 11.7 mph.

Innovations: The Need for Speed

Whether we use an ultralight wheelchair, power chair or handcycle, many of us have the need for speed.

Crip Buzz: February 2014

Crip Buzz: February 2014

“I Got 99 Problems and Palsy is Just One,” “The Gorilla in my House” …