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The Delagraves enjoy taking walks together and going to nearby parks.

Joe Delagrave: Family Man

Team USA’s quad rugby captain is passionate about being the best father and husband he can be.

Tim Gilmer

Bully Pulpit: The Perfect Day

Decades earlier, I might have felt a twinge of sadness as I mourned my inability to join them.

From Traumatic Experience to Deep Connection

From Traumatic Experience to Deep Connection

Eve Hampton, 27, became paralyzed at age 13 of traverse myelitis and, like so many people with spinal cord injuries, she still carries a part of that young girl with her. Undergoing such a traumatic experience is why Robert Pratt felt a kindred connection to Eve, as he had a severe leg injury while serving […]

Would You Date a Wheelchair User?

Would You Date a Wheelchair User?

As a single lady wheelchair user in the dating scene currently, I know exactly what’s going on, like exactly, in the mind of the typical straight American male. And let me share with you a bit of what I’ve discovered — it’s just as dismal as you’d expect. The biggest hurdle I keep coming across […]

The Talk

When I was in rehab, after the whoops that put me on these wheels, my class got well enough that the docs figured we were ready for The Talk. “Your sex life …

'Normal Person Here —  Human Being'

‘Normal Person Here — Human Being’

“Normal person here — human being,” is the perfect description Trenton Cochran, 12, gives of his sister Lindsay Cochran, 10. Lindsay was born with SMA, a rare neuromuscular disability that affects her ability to walk. She was never able to crawl or walk before becoming a powerchair-user. I’ve heard a lot of ways to say […]

At Work, Are You Just One of the Workers — or 'Special'?

At Work, Are You Just One of the Workers — or ‘Special’?

For most of us, work is the key to independence and self-worth. Our jobs get us out of bed every day allowing us to share our skills and talents. From 9 to 5, we’d like to believe we’re just one of many workers getting paid to be productive. Or, are we fooling ourselves? The syndicated […]

Letters: April 2014

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Big Cheer for Wheelchair Cheerleaders

Big Cheer for Wheelchair Cheerleaders

I hardly ever mention what I’m about to disclose out of fear people will laugh at me. Looking back on my life, I have a hard time believing I did it. But the truth is, I once was a cheerleader. That’s right, a wheelchair cheerleader during my college years at the University of Illinois — […]

Blogs for Parents who use Wheelchairs

Blogs for Parents who use Wheelchairs

I’m constantly inspired by all of the amazing blogs for parents who use wheelchairs. They’ve given me real hope that maybe someday I can do the parenting thing, too. Take Kara Ayers for example. Kara has osteogenesis imperfecta, which makes her smaller than most people and her bones brittle as well. Her husband has this […]

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