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Allen Rucker, transverse myelitis, Los Angeles

Living Spaces

Cooking from a Wheelchair Tip:                                                                 Convenient Pre-Cooking Sometimes the hardest part of cooking from a wheelchair is browning meat in a skillet that’s shoulder level. On days when you’re feeling energetic or have someone to help, fry several pounds at once. Season the meat as you would for your favorite meals, and then scoop the […]

Living Spaces

Nesting Instincts Beware the Home Wrecker My mother warned me about her — the woman who enters your life uninvited and wrecks your home. She just didn’t tell me the home wrecker would be me. It was bad enough when I used a manual chair — tell-tale marks alongside every kitchen cabinet, notches carved in […]

With creativity, Sharon Gardner found ways to best utilize her bathroom's tight dimensions. Notice that she can turn completely around and easily access her shower, toilet and sink.

Access-orizing a Small Bathroom in 3 Stages

A thousand times I asked myself, “Why did I ever decide to buy a house with such a small bathroom?” A thousand times I knew the answer: “Because everything else about the house was so workable.” The day I saw it with the realtor I was thrilled — until I poked my head around the narrow […]

Stan Clawson

The Accessible Dream Home

Curb appeal, kitchens and baths. Ask any realtor and she’ll tell you those are the three areas that sell a house — they’re also the bane of any wheeler’s home life. Until America gets on track with universal design, or what some call visitability or “aging in place” design, finding a home that suits our accessibility […]

Cartoon reprinted from Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot, by John Callahan

Accessible Housing: In Search of the Dream

The cornerstone of the American dream is owning a home, but for wheelchair users–who often can’t even get in the front door–searching for the dream can become a nightmare. Whether you rent or buy, the current stock of detached, single-family homes has little to offer in accessibility. The Americans with Disabilities Act has nothing to […]