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Tim Gilmer

Bully Pulpit: My Favorite Things

Coltrane did with a sax and a song what many of us have managed to do with our changed bodies and lives.

Letters: August 2014

Letters: August 2014

Wheelchair users sound off on travel, taxis and e-vehicles.

Joanne Smith and Kylie James

Eat Well, Live Well: Eating for a Healthy Heart

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death for people with SCI.

Kary Wright

Outdoor Tracks: Quadriplegia and Crossbows

Think quads and crossbows don’t mix? Think again.

Taxi Benke, high school senior Rachel Benke’s service dog, made such an impression on her classmates that he was included in the school yearbook.

Crip Buzz: July 2014

Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things; Held Down by Red Tape, Not Disability; Service Dog Pictured in Yearbook

Raising a Ruckus: Weird Thoughts While Lying in Bed for Weeks

Raising a Ruckus: Weird Thoughts While Lying in Bed for Weeks

Half of you probably have a similar story and were driven mad by the experience.

Michael Collins

Everyday Advocacy: Segways

The ADA says Segways can be used in environments where power chairs are used, with some exceptions.

Bryan King

SCI Life: July 2014

Bryan King and his custom trike; the Scrubber for cleaning your chair; adpative paddling

Mike Ervin

Ervin: Bedpans and Beyond

Cripples are just like everybody else. We just pee different.

Brianna Scalesse

SCI Life: June 2014

Brianna Scalesse; Wheelchair Fitness Solution; Treading North’s “Beautifully Gone Wrong”