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Kary Wright

Outdoor Tracks: Capture the Fun

Filming his adventures is almost as much fun as having them, says Kary Wright.

“You’re still alive and the body is just a vehicle for the expression of your soul, no matter what form or shape it is in.”

SCI Life: October 2014

Yoga Teacher Mary-Jo Fetterly; Universal Design; Winter Clothing

Para/Medic: New Study Helps in Choosing Cushions

Para/Medic: New Study Helps in Choosing Cushions

How do you replace a cushion? When?

Mike Ervin

Ervin: Chicken Wing Apocalypse

Chicken wings, chicken wings, chicken wings! Every establishment has a sign in the window …

George Takei

Crip Buzz: October 2014

Internet sensation George Takei angered some wheelers with a “Miracle in the Alchohol Aisle” meme, showing a woman standing from her wheelchair.

Tim Gilmer

Bully Pulpit: At the Intersection

I wonder if a single-minded pursuit is wise.

Letters: October 2014

Letters: October 2014

Traveling Sonoma, CA and San Juan Islands; Dan Buchanan; Global Access

Dru Blocker drives his Polaris UTV in the desert hills.

Motorvation: Leaving the Pavement Behind

ATVs and UTVs allow us to leave the pavement behind.

SCI Life: September 2014

SCI Life: September 2014

Roman Castillo: The Drummer Inside Won’t Quit; High Fashion for the Seated Form; Hand-Free Phoning

Crip Buzz: September 2014

Crip Buzz: September 2014

When Wheelchairs are Cool (Justin Bieber in a wheelchair); Assisted Suicide Ad in NM: Yay or Nay?