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Joanne Smith and Kylie James

Eat Well, Live Well: Weight Loss – More Is Less!

There is a healthy way to lose weight, reduce fat and maintain muscle without starving yourself.

Innovations: Smart Drive - Taking the Push Out of Pushing

Innovations: Smart Drive – Taking the Push Out of Pushing

Smart Drive takes the push out of pushing a wheelchair.

Deborah Mellen says this photo represents all the joy she experiences in life. Photo by Ginny Dixon

Crip Buzz: December 2014

Raw Beauty is an exhibit of photos featuring 20 women living with disabilities that was unveiled on Sept. 20 at the ACA Galleries in New York City.

Allen Rucker

Raising a Ruckus: The Art of Complaining

Americans love to complain. And doggone it, we’re good at it.

Letters: December 2014

Assisted suicide,, Race of Truth

Mike Ervin

Worst of ‘Smart Ass Cripple’

Editor: Out of respect for Mike Ervin, aka Smart Ass Cripple, we chose this smart ass title. The not-quite-so-bad stuff you can find by Googling Smart Ass Cripple, strangely enough. A Letter From the Department of Human Services A letter arrived with a return address of the Department of Human Services. My heart sank, as […]

Crip Buzz: November 2014

Crip Buzz: November 2014

The Best of Disability Blogs and Banter Celebrities Behaving Badly Kanye West New Mobility’s Facebook page exploded as articles with headlines like this one from the United Kingdom’s Metro hit the Web: “Kanye West Stops Show to Make Sure Everyone is Standing Up, Including Fan in Wheelchair.” West let a fan who waved a prosthetic […]

Tim Gilmer

Bully Pulpit: My Top Four Products

My personalized best products list is drawn from our culture at large — in the order that I discovered them. One notable exception will be my favorite wheelchair, which I will not mention. It seems everyone needs something different in a chair. I drove my first hand-controlled car in the rehab parking lot. Soon I […]

NSCIA Chapter Leadership Meeting

NSCIA Chapter Leadership Meeting

Fifty-five members representing 26 chapters gathered in Minneapolis, Minn., Sept. 11-13 for the 2014 Chapter Leadership Meeting. In addition to substantive discussions about the present and future of United Spinal Association, the weekend offered plenty of time for attendees to connect and share their questions and tricks of the trade. For an insider’s perspective, here […]

Products: October 2014

Products: October 2014

Best of Gearcrip; New and noted products