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Tim Gilmer

Bully Pulpit: Hidden Barriers

In the beginning, lack of awareness was the cause of attitudinal barriers, but today it is the opposite: Attitudinal barriers now perpetuate lack of awareness.

Simon Calcavecchia

SCI Life: May 2015

“I couldn’t believe that guys with similar injuries as mine were bodybuilding. It was a life-changing moment.”

Para/Medic: Options to Manage Bladder Spasms

Para/Medic: Options to Manage Bladder Spasms

We now have a variety of options to choose from, including oral medications, gels, transdermal patches and Botox. It is extremely important to find …

Kary Wright

Outdoor Tracks: This Drone Means Fun!

With the drone sitting on the ground, propellers spinning, I slowly moved the left joystick forward to advance the throttle.

Mike Ervin

Ervin: Famous Cripple Roles

The love the Oscar people have for the artistic accomplishments of fake cripples doesn’t discriminate.

Photography by Alexander/

Crip Buzz: May 2015

The advice from my doctor was to check myself into a nursing home for the rest of my life, but I wanted a career, adventure, love, and sex.

March 2015

Letters: May 2015

Disney Universe; Boston’s Freedom Trail; What About Contractures?

Tim Gilmer

Bully Pulpit: Elevator Tales

Five decades of elevator stories … have things changed?

Eat Well, Live Well: Spring Fresh!

Eat Well, Live Well: Spring Fresh!

SCI alters digestive function more than you may know.

Michael Collins

Everyday Advocacy: Jury Duty

Doing your civic duty is often “easier said than done” when it comes to federal courts, which are not covered by the ADA.